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Summit Teeth Whitening

woman smilingWe have both at-home and in-office whitening options to brighten your smile in a safe, effective way. Our whitening products are professional, high-quality strength. Find out how you can be smiling brighter today.

Get that brighter, whiter smile you have always wanted!

In-Office Whitening

Our practice offers an in-office tooth whitening procedure (Philips Zoom!) that only takes an hour. Prior to your in-office whitening procedure, we take impressions of your top and bottom teeth to fabricate custom at-home bleaching trays.

The whitening procedure begins by precisely placing a barrier on your gum tissue to prevent irritation from the bleaching agent. A strong bleaching agent is applied directly on the enamel. A powerful light is applied to stimulate the bleaching agent and make it work more effectively.

This in-office whitening is used as a boost to get your teeth whiter faster in conjunction with at-home whitening. We have an on-site dental lab so you will receive your custom trays on the same day as your in-office procedure. Continuing to whiten at home will help you maintain your beautiful results.

At-Home Whitening

Impressions are taken to fabricate custom bleaching trays of your top and bottom teeth. The custom trays are fabricated in our on-site lab so they can be presented to you very quickly. You can start whitening in just a day or two. When we deliver the trays, this will include a short office visit to explain and demonstrate the home bleaching procedure. You will wear your trays for a few hours or overnight depending on the strength of bleach.

It typically takes one to two weeks to obtain optimal results. At that time you will discontinue use. Refreshing your smile’s brightness can be later done by using the home bleaching system for a day or two.

Safe and Effective

Bleaching is safe for your enamel, but we do discourage bleaching more frequently than required to maintain your desired shade. The bleach will not alter color of any restorative material. If you have existing tooth-colored restorations that are visible when you smile you may elect to have them replaced to match your newly brightened smile once you have met your shade goal.

Get the smile you’ve always dreamed about! Contact us today for a brighter smile.


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