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Summit Cosmetic Dentistry

woman smilingYou deserve a beautiful smile! Whether you are looking to just brighten your smile or are in need of a full-mouth makeover, Dr. Burke has treatment options to help you meet your smile goals. We want you to smile with confidence.

Redesign Your Smile

We can redesign your smile in a number of different ways using dental implants, crowns, veneers/laminates, bridges, bonding, cosmetic tooth reshaping and tooth whitening. A variety of different services come into play in a prosthodontic treatment plan. We can also adjust your bite to ensure that your teeth are coming together properly.

Bonding Process

During the bonding process a bonding liquid is applied and creates a microscopic etching of the tooth surface so that when we place the tooth colored restoration it will bond to the tooth structure. The microscopic etched areas allow for better retention of the filling material. The filling is then cured for the appropriate time and then it is ready to be polished and trimmed for a beautiful aesthetic result.

These white fillings allow for cosmetically pleasing restorations. They do not provide a long-term solution as they can stain, chip and break; however, they can provide many years of function and beauty. Keep in mind that if you are interested in tooth whitening, doing so prior to having white fillings placed is advised. We will match the resin to your newly whitened teeth.

Ready for a more beautiful smile? Contact us today and see which of our many cosmetic options are right for you.


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